Ultra Trail Running – A Collection - Gathering the Best in Ultra and Trail Running Stories

Ultra Trail Running - A Collection

The All Black Altra Lone Peak 1.5 is the Bee’s Knee’s 0

The All Black Altra Lone Peak 1.5 is the Bee’s Knee’s

Souce: Ultra Runner Podcast Let me first say that this is my favorite Ultra related podcast out there. So please go and subscribe to their feed. Mas! The Altra Lone Peak 1.5 is my current long distance trail shoe. It’s stability is incredible, the grip on rock is Spiderman like and the open toe-box allows for a very natural gait. I personally love these shoes and would recommend them to anyone! But read on for the URP review. [URP was contacted to perform a shoe review for Altra Zero Drops, and since Scotty nor I run in flats, we asked...

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How to Run Your First Ultramarathon: An Ultra Running Guide for Beginners

I’ll be running my first ultra marathon (50k) on May 18. Right up until that day, guaranteed I will feel that I’ve not trained enough or smart enough. But you’ll never know until you’ve tried right? It’s going to hurt, that’s a certainty, but will I have done enough to at least reach the finish line. What a crushing defeat that would be, yet a glorious learning experience with lessons rich enough to apply to my next attempt in August. Read on to learn about a great book for stepping into that distance North of 26.2″ In 2012, I nearly...

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Best Socks for Trail and Ultra Running – These 3 Are Worth a Look

Who’s got the best socks? Who doesn’t love new socks and an excuse to try out a new pair. I’ve heard the endorsements of the Injinji’s by the folks over at TrailRunnerNation so they’ll be warming my toes shortly, but what do the other runners have to say? With the surge of trail runners everywhere, we are sure to see the manufacturers picking up steam on more dedicated gear backed up by countless reviews. Here are a few familiar names that are trampled underfoot by the kind people over at Endurance Buzz. Follow the links to their review and be...

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28 Tips for Improving Your Ultra Running Experience

This is a fun list of tips for improving your overall ultra running experience. Most of these will directly transfer to road running of course but you’ll figure that out as you drift down the list. I’ve taken a moment to share my own comments for each. Perhaps you can do the same in the comments. Any how, all credit for this piece goes to the original authour here: Mile27 Personal Training

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Orcas Island 50k Results and an Inspirational Race Report

Cover Photo: Glenn Tachiyama. The famed and incredibly scenic 50k Ultra Marathon race on Orcas Island, Washington wrapped up last weekend and I am still reading tweets and updates about everyone’s amazing experiences. Orcas Island is located amongst the San Juan Islands just SouthWest of Bellingham, WA and NorthEast of Victoria, BC and it seems as though the race director has a penchant for late race torture. Notice in the elevation profile below the sharp climbs at mile 21 and then again at mile 25, haha! Orcas Island 50k Results The complete list of results can be found HERE. Hey...

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9 Expert Tips on Running a 100 Mile Ultra from Ian Sharman

Ian Sharman At the end of the year most runners think about their plans for the following year, including their target races. This early planning is exacerbated by the number of lotteries for major races, something that’s becoming more common all the time. Due to the limits on participant numbers and the fame of events like Western States 100 or Hardrock 100, many readers will find themselves with what could be just oncein- a-lifetime opportunities to run one of these oversubscribed races[…]

Down ‘n’ Dirty: Trail Racing vs. Road Racing 1

Sage Canaday and Alicia Shay Discuss Road Vs Trail Racing

This is a great piece featuring a couple elite athletes. It draws on their transition to trail running and for that matter; trail ultra-running.
Trail running Trail running will challenge your athleticism and ability to move in different planes of motion, says Alicia Shay. Photo: www.shutterstock.com Table of Contents

Two converted road racers share their three best tips for tackling off-road racing.

If you’ve never tried a trail race, adding one, or more, to your race schedule will give you the incentive to vary training, broaden your scenic vistas and add new skills to your running tool box. But be prepared for some distinct differences.

For starters, trail races are generally low-key affairs. From self-seeded starts resulting in top runners and first-timers all milling about together before a race, the sense of adventure that comes from setting off on an unknown route based upon a photo-copied map[…]

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North Face Ultra Trail Running Shoe Review

P1090855 I’ll just get it out of the way up front: I’ve never been a fan of TheNorthFace shoes. I tried them for the first time a few years ago and was severely underwhelmed.  I gave them a second chance when I bought the Hayasa a few years ago, only to return them the very same day. They were stiff, heavy, and made me feel slow.

With that said, I was skeptical of their upcoming shoe, but figured I’d give the Ultra Trail a try.

Note:  After a meeting with their shoe designer, I learned that the company has re-organized the make up of the departments, and shoes now have their own design team. They admit that TNF shoes have not had the focus that their clothing and gear have enjoyed and that all changed in 2013. No longer are they “just making short boots”, but they’re taking input from actual runners […]

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Altra Lone Peak 1.5 Review Now in Killer Black

[URP was contacted to perform a shoe review for Altra Zero Drops, and since Scotty nor I run in flats, we asked two listeners to help out and give us their opinions.  One is a veteran minimalist runner, the other is exploring zero drops for therapeutic reasons.   Both pairs of shoes were provided to the reviewers with no expectations of a positive opinion. The thoughts are all their own.]


Nicklaus Combs has run in Altras before and is a seasoned minimalist runner.  Though he’s an Altra Ambassador, this review was written prior his relationship with the company.  Nicklaus lives in Virginia, races around the country, […]

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Some Top Running Stories from 2013

With all that’s happened in trail and ultrarunning this past year, it’s sure flown by, huh?! Along with racing coverage from around the world, we’re awfully proud of the content our ever-growing team of contributors has shared with you. Here are a few of our favorites.

…Okay, here are a LOT of our favorites. It wasn’t until we started compiling this (and after some of iRunFar’s editors and writers weighed in) that I realized the amazing wealth of articles iRunFar published this year and just how much the site has grown. If my math is correct, this is the 516th article we’ve published on iRunFar in 2013. Wow!