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Ultimate Direction Fastpack 20 Review & Video

Here’s a great review of a new pack from Ultimate Direction. Pretty certain this will be another top shelf, ultra-high quality piece of kit that anyone looking for that quick, minimalist hike is going to be pining for. Cheers to the author and click through for the full read. “Fastpacking” – a hybrid of trail running and ultralight backpacking – is an exciting way to explore the trails. While this concept has been around several years now and is growing in popularity the industry hasn’t quite caught up yet with the trend yet. The market is basically segmented between packs...

The Beginner’s Guide to Ultra Running: How to Run Your First Ultramarathon 0

5 Extremely Sensible Tips for Preparing for your First Ultra Trail Marathon

Concise and focused; that’s what I like in an article like this. This list is a little bit easier to assimilate that the 27 or so that was covered in this post. What are your 5 most precious parts of your ultra training regime? They might just align with those mentioned below. Personally, I’m expecting the hardest part of any ultra by far will be the mental side. I’ve already had challenges with that battle recently so ‘training’ this will be key for my own ultra success. And by success, naturally I mean finishing…

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Orcas Island 50k Results and an Inspirational Race Report

Cover Photo: Glenn Tachiyama. The famed and incredibly scenic 50k Ultra Marathon race on Orcas Island, Washington wrapped up last weekend and I am still reading tweets and updates about everyone’s amazing experiences. Orcas Island is located amongst the San Juan Islands just SouthWest of Bellingham, WA and NorthEast of Victoria, BC and it seems as though the race director has a penchant for late race torture. Notice in the elevation profile below the sharp climbs at mile 21 and then again at mile 25, haha! Orcas Island 50k Results The complete list of results can be found HERE. Hey...

Down ‘n’ Dirty: Trail Racing vs. Road Racing 1

Sage Canaday and Alicia Shay Discuss Road Vs Trail Racing

This is a great piece featuring a couple elite athletes. It draws on their transition to trail running and for that matter; trail ultra-running.
Trail running Trail running will challenge your athleticism and ability to move in different planes of motion, says Alicia Shay. Photo: www.shutterstock.com Table of Contents

Two converted road racers share their three best tips for tackling off-road racing.

If you’ve never tried a trail race, adding one, or more, to your race schedule will give you the incentive to vary training, broaden your scenic vistas and add new skills to your running tool box. But be prepared for some distinct differences.

For starters, trail races are generally low-key affairs. From self-seeded starts resulting in top runners and first-timers all milling about together before a race, the sense of adventure that comes from setting off on an unknown route based upon a photo-copied map[…]

Going Longer: How To Train For Your First 50K 0

Going Longer: How To Train For Your First 50K

Running Stock Ultrarunning isn’t about seeing how fast you can go, but how far you can go. Table of Contents

Check out this introductory guide to ultrarunning and a beginner’s training plan to tackling a 50K. Crossing the finishing line of a marathon is the completion of a journey well beyond the 26.2 miles of the race.

The successful completion of the marathon brings with it a heady mix of exhilaration, exhaustion and relief. Not to mention trashed hamstrings, quads and calves. Yet inevitably in the wake of the personal victory and after the pain has receded into a distorted memory it’s time to figure out what’s next.

For some, the next goal will be to go faster—to break a time goal or to qualify for Boston. For others the goal will just be to package the love for running with a love for traveling and do that next marathon in […]