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Race Report – Volunteering at the Elkhorn Endurance Run

I personally love ‘race reports’ from the volunteer perspective. They really are an incredible and selfless breed. March on volunteers, we love you! A nice, brief account of this volunteers experience at the Elkhorns Endurance Run. by Andrew Cupino I have no race volunteer experience, but the Elkhorn Endurance Run was my first ultra, so it seemed appropriate to be my first volunteer experience as well. In the past two years I had run many a mile through the Elkhorns, so trekking into the Montana backcountry to pump creek water and slice watermelon struck me as a fun task. The...

Kilian Jornet Wins Hardrock 100, Shatters Course Record 0

Hardrock 100 Course Record Destroyed by Kilian Jornet

I have to say that I am a complete nerd and hovered on the iRunFar Twitter account and followed the #hardrock100 hashtag throughout the day. Then I had to head out for a run myself. What an incredible human, then to wait up for Julien because he was lonely and wanted come company.  A wonderful ambassador and story. Of course another fantastic article from Competitor below. Kilian Jornet won the Hardrock 100 trail running race in a course-record 22 hours, 41 minutes, 33 seconds on July 11-12. Photo: Brian Metzler Darcy Piceu won her third consecutive women’s title with another...

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The Bighorn Trail 100 Miler: A Look at this Most Spectacular Race Route

It’s true that for many people, the reason for running these trails is for the incredible views. Seems this race is no exception. Wow, just a remarkable landscape, have a peek through this gallery! Here’s a bit of an excerpt from with a link to the article following. One for the bucket list (buckle list?). The Bighorn Trail 100 is Wyoming’s signature ultra and well worth the trip out to the uniquely beautiful Bighorn Mountains. The race begins in narrow Tongue River Canyon with weird rock formations above and a river flowing by below. You emerge from the canyon...

The Beginner’s Guide to Ultra Running: How to Run Your First Ultramarathon 0

5 Extremely Sensible Tips for Preparing for your First Ultra Trail Marathon

Concise and focused; that’s what I like in an article like this. This list is a little bit easier to assimilate that the 27 or so that was covered in this post. What are your 5 most precious parts of your ultra training regime? They might just align with those mentioned below. Personally, I’m expecting the hardest part of any ultra by far will be the mental side. I’ve already had challenges with that battle recently so ‘training’ this will be key for my own ultra success. And by success, naturally I mean finishing…

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9 Expert Tips on Running a 100 Mile Ultra from Ian Sharman

Ian Sharman At the end of the year most runners think about their plans for the following year, including their target races. This early planning is exacerbated by the number of lotteries for major races, something that’s becoming more common all the time. Due to the limits on participant numbers and the fame of events like Western States 100 or Hardrock 100, many readers will find themselves with what could be just oncein- a-lifetime opportunities to run one of these oversubscribed races[…]