The All Black Altra Lone Peak 1.5 is the Bee’s Knee’s - Ultra Trail Running - A Collection

The All Black Altra Lone Peak 1.5 is the Bee’s Knee’s

Souce: Ultra Runner Podcast

Let me first say that this is my favorite Ultra related podcast out there. So please go and subscribe to their feed. Mas!

The Altra Lone Peak 1.5 is my current long distance trail shoe. It’s stability is incredible, the grip on rock is Spiderman like and the open toe-box allows for a very natural gait. I personally love these shoes and would recommend them to anyone! But read on for the URP review.

[URP was contacted to perform a shoe review for Altra Zero Drops, and since Scotty nor I run in flats, we asked two listeners to help out and give us their opinions. One is a veteran minimalist runner, the other is exploring zero drops for therapeutic reasons. Both pairs of shoes were provided to the reviewers with no expectations of a positive opinion. The thoughts are all their own.]

Nicklaus Combs has run in Altras before and is a seasoned minimalist runner. Though he’s an Altra Ambassador, this review was written prior his relationship with the company. Nicklaus lives in Virginia, races around the country, and blogs here .

Here’s his review:—————-I’m often asked by people who are new to trail running whether or not they NEED trail specific shoes. This questions proves quite difficult and unfortunately is typically answered with “it just depends”. Even i find myself running […]

  • The stone guard rock plate covers the ENTIRE foot.
  • The gaiter trap: essentially a flap you pull down on the back that has velcro for attaching your gaiters. Absolutely genius innovation that surprisingly isn’t featured on any other shoes that i know of.
  • Nice aggressive sticky rubber lugs on the bottom which they have dubbed as the trail claw. Absolutely essential for navigating muddy, icy and/or snowy trail conditions.
  • A trail rudder is included as well on the back of the shoe that from what i can tell is a throw back to the trail shoes of yesterday as well as providing a little braking assistance on the downhills.
  • 23mm stack height. Yup, you got some cushion under your feet. Nothing “minimal” to see here. Absolutely essential for longer distance races / training runs (and even more so with technical rocky terrain).
  • Lightweight. No scale to measure but altra lists the shoe at 9.9 oz. they feel even lighter when actually on your feet.

Constructive Criticism

Despite all my praise for these shoes I do still have a few complaints.6

My heel does lift a bit when running in the shoe. Cranking down the laces tighter than normal helps and the heel never comes close to slipping out but it is still noticeable compared to other shoes. I’ll also admit this could be related to sizing up a half size but again I don’t typically have this issue in other shoes that are sized up.

Rock kicking. I’d love to see some toe protection because let’s be honest…Since these shoes were designed to tackle ultra marathons (including Wasatch 100 as advertised) you know you will be kicking a rock or two by accident along the way. I’ve yet to run them past 40 miles but I’m not so sure how they would fare against a more well cushioned shoe (like Altra’s soon to be released Olympus or a Hoka model) in longer races but i know this is going to be my pick for anything less than 50 miles.

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