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North Face Ultra Trail Running Shoe Review

This is a great review of the North Face Ultra running shoe from those joyful nuts over at Ultra Runner Podcast. I have to be honest, TheNorthFace has never really been on my radar for shoe envy like the Pearl and Altra’s are. Their shoes seemed clunky and heavy and were missing out on the need for a lightweight, low heel drop trail runner. Seems they may have turned a corner with the Ultra Trail. Read on to see what the URP folks thought.

I’ll just get it out of the way up front: I’ve never been a fan of TheNorthFace shoes. I tried them for the first time a few years ago and was severely underwhelmed.  I gave them a second chance when I bought the Hayasa a few years ago, only to return them the very same day. They were stiff, heavy, and made me feel slow.

With that said, I was skeptical of their upcoming shoe, but figured I’d give the Ultra Trail a try.

Note: After a meeting with their shoe designer, I learned that the company has re-organized the make up of the departments, and shoes now have their own design team. They admit that TNF shoes have not had the focus that their clothing and gear have enjoyed and that all changed in 2013. No longer are they “just making short boots”, but they’re taking input from actual runners and focusing on light and fast trail racers. 

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North Face Ultra First Impressions

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First thing I do with a new shoe is pick it up and twist it around. How flexible is it, what’s the tread like, how does it feel in my hands, and what does it weigh. These are all important aspects to me, and this shoe felt great.

The shoe also reminded me of other hybrid trail shoes (Scott Kinabalu T2 and Montrail Rogue Fly), both shoes I really liked.


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