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Ultimate Direction Fastpack 20 Review & Video

Here’s a great review of a new pack from Ultimate Direction. Pretty certain this will be another top shelf, ultra-high quality piece of kit that anyone looking for that quick, minimalist hike is going to be pining for. Cheers to the author and click through for the full read.

“Fastpacking” – a hybrid of trail running and ultralight backpacking – is an exciting way to explore the trails. While this concept has been around several years now and is growing in popularity the industry hasn’t quite caught up yet with the trend yet.


The market is basically segmented between packs tailored specifically for trail running, and packs tailored specifically for backpacking.   The backpacking packs are getting lighter but just don’t fit right when you transition from hiking to running.   Meanwhile, the trail running packs while very comfortable and lightweight don’t have the capacity to carry overnight gear unless your idea of overnight gear is say, sleeping against a rock.   Also, if you’re in bear country you’d be hard pressed to find a running vest capable of holding a bear vault!

Here’s a great video, although brutal quality (come on guys…harsh)


Read the full article at Ultimate Direction Fastpack 20

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